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St. Louis Property Management Tips

Kitchen Remodels on a Budget

country-kitchen--magnet-kitchen--296917A kitchen remodel is perhaps the most expensive project in a house, other than a room addition.  And financing this type of renovation is tough, especially if you are like me.  I don’t ever want to take out a loan for renovation, so I have only one choice – it has to be done in increments.  Kitchen remodels on a budget require very specific steps and a lot of research for materials and pricing. (more…)

St. Louis Zoo – It’s FREE

St. Louis ZooYou will find that St. Louisans are VERY proud of their Zoo.  They should be!  It is a wonderful Zoo that has great exhibits and is always a great day out for the family.  Another great benefit of the St. Louis Zoo is that admission is FREE.  With careful planning  you and your family could spend the entire day at the Zoo for free. (more…)

HUD – U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

HUD HomeHUD, or the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, was developed under President Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society” program in 1965 and today is still responsible for making homes affordable for low-income families. HUD has a wide range of programs, the most popular of which might be its mortgage and loan insurance program, but the agency is also active in providing grants for affordable housing, in developing communities that are in need of rehabilitation and in assisting homeowners who are facing foreclosure or homelessness. (more…)

Refrigerator Coils – How to Clean

Refrigerator Coils

Refrigerator Coils – Easy Cleaning Method

According to a a refrigerator repairman  it a good idea to clean your your Refrigerator Coils twice a year. The refrigerator can use up to 15 percent of your home’s total power, so you want it running as efficiently as possible. Over time, the refrigerator coils get dirty and your fridge requires more juice. When the refrigerator coils are covered with dust, the refrigerator can’t run efficiently. You can save up to $100 a year by doing this, and it’s not at all a difficult task. (more…)

St. Louis Attractions

St. Louis Attractions - St. Louis FlagAMOSO Properties has decided to highlight some of the great St. Louis Attractions for its blog readers.  Why?

When it comes to Property Management, you have to know your town.  Your house is a small piece of the bigger picture that is the city it is located in.  You should know what your city has to offer its residents. (more…)

Increased need for Single Family Property Management

Property Management - St. Louis Home for Rent

Property Management 2.0 – Realtor Magazine

Paula Hess wrote an excellent article about the Increase in Single Family Rental Homes nationwide and the challenges that a Property Management Firm can face while dealing with a lot of single family homes.  Another big take away for this article is how important it is for the single family rental owner (more…)

Tenant Rights in Foreclosed Buildings

Tenant Rights and Landlord LawsAccording to CNN.com, the number of foreclosures in 2009 reached an all-time high record. With such high numbers of foreclosures taking place, renters are often directly impacted. Despite the turmoil of a foreclosure, recent legislative changes provide tenants with several legal rights even if the ownership of a building changes hands. (more…)

Spring Cleaning and De-Cluttering the home

cleaningBiannually it is nice to give your house a deep clean.  Some call this spring cleaning. Take one Saturday every six months with your whole family, and give the whole house a proper deep clean. Some households may need more than one day and that is alright. Some families are larger than other. Appliances, windows, dusting every nook and cranny (including the basement), etc are all things that eventually need attention. (more…)

Repairing Old Decks and Patios

rubber patioNo one thinks about his/her patio or deck until spring, and sometimes it is definitely depressing!  The patio concrete is old and tired looking, and there are ugly cracks that can no longer be hidden with furniture and planters.  The deck stain that is only a year old is already fading and peeling, and the thought of power-washing, stripping and re-staining is not your idea of a pleasant several days of work.  Sure – you can certainly hire others to take care of repairing old decks and patios, but the “fixes” won’t be permanent unless you are willing so spend a lot of money!   (more…)

Where to Buy Rental Property in St. Louis

St. Louis ArchSt. Louis – A Great Place to Invest, But which Neighborhood?

Dennis Norman with St. Louis Real Estate News, takes an interesting approach at determining the best area in the St. Louis Metro area to buy Investment Real Estate.  By looking at the median rental rates and median vacancy rates and then comparing it to the median home value for each respective area, he determined a rent to value ratio.


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