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St. Louis Property Management Tips

How to Rent Real Estate in St. Louis

St. Louis Home for RentProperty owners and savvy investors are able to rent real estate in up as well as down markets. A few proactive measures may help you avoid rental losses. Prepare yourself for emergency repair calls and tenants who pay late. According to Microsoft (MSN) Real Estate, “Tenant screening is perhaps a landlord’s most crucial task.” Perform a credit check and contact the applicant’s past landlords before you hand over your keys. Property management firms provide peace of mind by handling issues that arise. (more…)

Homeownership is No Longer the American Dream

homeownershipI am a “Boomer.”  Growing up, I came to believe that the biggest part of the American Dream was to own one’s own home and that, above all else, I should strive to buy a house as soon as I reached adulthood and was able to do so. This principle I passed on to my own children as well.  And when my mother passed away, at 94, she was especially happy that all of her adult grandchildren owned their own homes.  In speaking to my almost-adult grandchildren, however, I have come to understand that homeownership is no longer the American Dream for their generation. (more…)

Toilet Repair Problems

Toilet RepairPlumbers can be expensive, often charging more than $100 an hour to fix your leaking toilet. If you have just a few basic skills, you will save money by taking care of the most common toilet repair problems yourself. Toilets today have the same basic parts and usually need one of a few simple fixes. However, you will run into several problems along the way. (more…)

Wall Art on a Budget

contemporary wall artEven if you have only been a homeowner or tenant for a few years, you have no doubt purchased pictures, clocks, mirrors and other pieces of art for the walls in each room, hallway, entryway, etc. of your living space.  If you have been a long-term owner or tenant, you have probably changed your decor more than once and, with each change, the artwork changes.  These costs can mount quickly!  Before you look for pieces from a retailer, however, consider wall art on a budget with some easy do-it-yourself pieces that can be absolutely stunning. (more…)

Clayton – Chinese Restaurants


Clayton – In the Mood for some Chinese?

Clayton is a major business district in St. Louis, Missouri, second only to the downtown area in business density. Clayton boasts some of the city’s finest eateries as well as many restaurants and cafés that serve freshly prepared international cuisine. (more…)

Termite Treatment

Termite Treatment - St. LouisTermites can be an insidious and destructive pest once they enter a building. Many Termite Treatment tools exist which exterminators can use to try and rid houses of termite infestations. Unfortunately, a lot of these tools are not available on the open market, mostly because of their expense and level and specialization. However, curious homeowners may wish to know exactly what types of tools an exterminator is likely to use to try and combat a termite infestation. (more…)

Lint Trap and Dryer Vent Maintenance

Lint Trap and Dry Vent

Cleaning and maintenance for your lint trap and dryer vent is easy when you know what to do. Checking your lint trap and dryer vent should be done on a regular basis. Cleaning your lint trap should be done before each new load.  Simply remove it and pull all the lint from the trap. On occasion you can vacuum what lint may fall below the trap. This is a good idea. (more…)

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