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St. Louis Property Management Tips

Refinance Only For a Good Reason

money-tree-10057261Ready to refinance your mortgage?  With interest rates so low over the past several years, it seems to be time to get on the “band wagon” and get a lower rate yourself, right?  Maybe so; maybe not.  Before you take this plunge,  you need to give this move some serious thought and make sure that you refinance only for a good reason. (more…)

Cleaning Laminate Floors – How To

Cleaning Laminate FloorsLaminate flooring is one of the most durable kinds of flooring that you can put in your home or office. It is very low maintenance but it can become scratched easily with dirt and high-heeled shoes. There are certain procedures for cleaning laminate floors before maintenance can be performed. Cleaning this kind of flooring is not difficult; you just have to make sure that you have the right tools and use the proper cleaning solutions. (more…)

Home Maintenance is Boring

home-maintenance2Everyone is excited when s/he gets new flooring, kitchen and bath remodels, adds a room or spruces up a room with new decorating.  A large part of that excitement comes from the visibility of the change. We are proud to show off our improvements and to luxuriate in them!  If we own investment property, moreover, improvements can realize greater profits over the long-term, because we can increase the rent!  What we can never forget, however, is that, while regular home maintenance is boring, it is necessary.   (more…)

How to Find Properties for Investment

Properties for MoneyReal estate is defined as property such as empty lots, houses and apartments. Many Americans invest in real estate during their lifetimes. A significant percentage will also choose to make additional real estate investments. Speculation in real estate can have many benefits, including tax advantages and the ability to use property owned as leverage to finance other investments. Finding the right properties for making money takes time and effort but can pay off tremendously. (more…)

School organization for children

School OrganizationNow that most of our children are back to school it is time to think about providing them with the tools to succeed. The first thing that typically pops into a parents head is how do I keep my child organized? I would like to say that I have that natural ability to stay organized but I don’t so I decided to research the subject and found several books on School Organization for children that may help. Here are just a few I thought I would share. (more…)

Home Improvement – Know Your Limitations

Home ImprovementSeveral years ago, I decided to enclose an open space by adding a wall.  It looked pretty basic, and I thought I could do it myself.  I had the studs cut and delivered, along with the drywall, and set about the task.  All went well until the taping and mudding – what a mess!  I soon realized that my new mantra was “Home Improvement – Know Your Limitations!” Now when it comes to Home Improvement projects, I realistically decide what I can do on my own and admit that some work will have to be turned over to someone with acquired skill.   (more…)

How to Rent Real Estate in St. Louis

St. Louis Home for RentProperty owners and savvy investors are able to rent real estate in up as well as down markets. A few proactive measures may help you avoid rental losses. Prepare yourself for emergency repair calls and tenants who pay late. According to Microsoft (MSN) Real Estate, “Tenant screening is perhaps a landlord’s most crucial task.” Perform a credit check and contact the applicant’s past landlords before you hand over your keys. Property management firms provide peace of mind by handling issues that arise. (more…)

Homeownership is No Longer the American Dream

homeownershipI am a “Boomer.”  Growing up, I came to believe that the biggest part of the American Dream was to own one’s own home and that, above all else, I should strive to buy a house as soon as I reached adulthood and was able to do so. This principle I passed on to my own children as well.  And when my mother passed away, at 94, she was especially happy that all of her adult grandchildren owned their own homes.  In speaking to my almost-adult grandchildren, however, I have come to understand that homeownership is no longer the American Dream for their generation. (more…)

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